Badger Recovery Team

The Badger Recovery Team is composed of representatives from federal and provincial governments, ranching and farming industries, research scientists, First Nations, and conservation organizations.

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There are several recognized subspecies of badger in North America. The subspecies that occurs in British Columbia (jeffersonii) is different than the more common one that is found in the Prairies (jacksoni). The BC badger population is thought to have declined over the past several decades based on historic persecution, reported low recruitment, high road mortality in certain regions, and anecdotal reports from landowners citing badgers becoming less common over the past 20 years. For these reasons the jeffersonii subspecies has been classified as Endangered in Canada.

For this reason, a Federal Recovery Team was set up in 2001 to address recovery of the jeffersonii subspecies.


Badgers in BC (jeffersonii) are also a federally-listed species at risk and Environment Canada, in consultation with the Recovery Team, is in the process of developing Critical Habitat guidelines for the species. For more information on Critical Habitat and the Species At Risk Act, please Click Here.

Conservation Planning

The jeffersonii Badger Recovery Team has developed a prioritized action plan for conserving badgers in British Columbia. This ‘Logic Model’ helps the team identify where to focus its efforts to ensure the best “bang for the buck” in trying to reach its overall goal of achieving a self-sustaining population of badgers in British Columbia.

The Logic Model breaks down the overall goal into long-term, medium-term, and short-term objectives. For instance, the overall goal of the Recovery Team can be met if we reach the 3 long-term goals outlined below in the Badger Logic Model [Download PDF] :