Badgers generally move around at night and are secretive by nature.After collecting badger sightings in BC for the past 21 years, the BADGER HOTLINE has been discontinued as of February 2020. Thanks for all of the sightings that have been submitted over the years!

We need your help!

Please report any new sightings here.

If you have seen a badger (dead or alive) or recent badger burrows, please let us know! Sightings allow the Recovery Team to track where badgers are still occurring in the province.

If you have a photo of the badger that you are reporting, please email it to

If you have a badger conflict situation, please contact the Conservation Officer Service RAPP line (1-877-952-7277).

    Road Mortality: e.g. Dead badger 2km south of the intersection of Green Rd and Johnston Rd, Kamloops, BC. The badger is on the West side of the road.
    Sighting: e.g. Badger seen in my garden at 240 Gladstone Street, Summerland, BC.


    For General Inquiries:

    E-mail us at